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In our store, you will find over 250,000 hardware and software products as well as subscriptions from the world's leading technology companies. With a ZehnTek business account, you receive an immediate discount across all products, get free standard shipping on all orders, and a dedicated account team to help you research solutions, coordinate resources and manage account activities.

Our e-commerce platform has advanced features for buyers small and large, and includes full collaboration with our sales, technical and procurement teams. Quickly search for and compare products, create custom bundles, and set up your team with approval hierarchies and access controls. ERP punch-out integration is also available.

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"ZehnTek has been my go-to for hardware for my biotech clients. They are on top of their game sourcing, pricing and delivering what we need to keep up with growth."

– Steven F., Founder, Binary Solutions

Why ZehnTek


Over 250,000

in our store with access to hundreds of thousands more through our ZehnTek sourcing initiative with Amazon and other suppliers



for IT and procurement teams


Fast, Free

standard shipping anywhere in the US within 2-3 days for most products. Overnight shipping when you need it



on most deliveries for theft prevention



and volume pricing programs for business accounts



terms, flexible financing, and lease options available


Easy Returns

up to 30 days after purchase



to pre and post-sales technical resources

Free-up time and resources with ZehnTek Logistics

ZehnTek offers a wide range of standardized and customized value-added logistical services to free up time for your team and to generate cost savings. We help you configure, inventory, tag and point-ship equipment to locations and work-from-home users across the globe. Our asset reclamation services help you securely dispose of obsolete electronics to make sure information doesn't fall into the wrong hands and to properly recycle items.

  • Secure monitored warehouses for asset storage and dispatch
  • Configuration centers for hardware integration and imaging
  • Asset and security tagging for inventory management
  • Windows Autopilot setup, deployment and management options
  • Refresh cycle and Tech-as-a-Service options
  • Asset reclamation, secure wipe, destruction and recycle

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