Smarter IT for a Remote Workforce

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IT Resource Shortage Impacts Internal Processes and Company Growth

This ZehnTek client develops software that empowers today’s finance professionals to make faster, more confident decisions and steer their organizations towards a healthy future. In February 2020, the client experienced IT staffing shortages that impacted internal processes and threatened to slow business growth.

To solve this challenge, the client commissioned ZehnTek to lead their IT strategy and operations. Faced with an improbable deadline, ZehnTek technical leadership and a dedicated team of engineers worked alongside management to transition all IT operations within 30 days to ZehnTek Adaptable Managed Services. The program included full helpdesk support, server and network management and operational improvements to the client’s Microsoft Azure presence.

New IT Environment Supports Work-From-Home Initiative

Then, during the second week of the engagement, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the client to close its office and transition employees to working from home. To support the new normal, ZehnTek standardized procurement, implemented improvements and worked with the client to implement new processes.

Like many companies, the client’s policy had limited work-from-home scenarios prior to March 2020. But the new environment created and supported by ZehnTek was such a success, and observing no diminished productivity, the client permanently committed to a remote workplace.

IT Transformation Benefits Employees, Customers, and the Bottom Line

ZehnTek next migrated all the roles that were hosted on the physical infrastructure into cloud or SaaS-based solutions. The systems that depended on an on-premises Active Directory domain controller were also migrated and joined to the cloud.

ZehnTek Adaptable Managed Services gave the client the IT expertise and flexibility to go from on-premises to permanently remote within weeks. The client also transformed its business in a way that benefits employees, customers and the bottom line. A complete cloud environment and reduced expenses allow the company to generate new savings to invest in employee appreciation and the core business.

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